Reblocking & Underpinning Process

Read below to find out what happens when your property gets restumped with Vic-Wide house reblocking Melbourne services.


Inspection - We provide a no obligation inspection free of charge, on whether your property needs any work or not.


Engineer's Assessment & Permits - When we first get the "go ahead" from you, we will contact an independent engineer who will inspect your home or structure and give us a report on what is needed to be done. We must then apply for a council permit before we can begin work.


Preparation & Excavation -After the council permit is approved, we will first begin by preparing the area around the structure. We then begin to excavate to the engineers report specifications. Usually, this will include digging one meter in depth and half a meter in length under the foundation in different specified areas around the structure. After excavation a council inspector carries out an inspection on the works and provides an approval to continue to the next stage.


Concreting -When all the specified areas have been excavated, we order the premixed concrete. The concrete is then poured into the cavity or excavated areas until it is about 40 cm from the foundation (to allow space for the Hydraulic jacks). To make this process quicker and cleaner, we will usually use a concrete pump. We must now allow the concrete to set for a few days and completely dry.


Hydraulic Lifting - After the concrete is completely dry and cured, we will use Hydraulic Jacks to lift the areas that are in need of lifting to close the gaps and get the structure back in level. We will then insert support footings and remove the Hydraulic Jacks and fill the rest of the cavity with concrete and allowed it to set.


Filling and Compacting -The rest of the excavated area and cavity is filled back with soil and is compacted thoroughly.We then clean the area and remove the extra excavated soil. If required, we also replace the cracked bricks and the mortar.Our job is not completely done until the owner is 100% satisfied with the work done.